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Flava has decided to work with brand partners to bring our customers new brands that focus on quality. These brands offer varied flavours & experiences from globally commercial ones and most of these brands are not readily available in the local marketplace.




Our mission is thus; to work with commitment and passion to guarantee coffee of excellent quality and unmistakable flavour, in the finest Neapolitan tradition; to offer the market a wide range of products to meet the diverse demands of the consumers and the evolution in technology; to spread the cult of espresso all over the world.

This is the mission that has accompanied Caffè Kimbo in its 50 years’ activity

Caffè Kimbo has always focussed on keeping quality consistently high through a rigorous selection of the raw materials and scrupulous processing.  An objective achieved thanks to careful monitoring of the whole production chain and the application of cutting-edge technology.  The Kimbo brand is now based in London.


Napoli, the world capital of Italian espresso coffee.  This is where Cafè do Brasil, the producers of Caffè Kimbo started out. It’s one of the great Italian success stories, that started in the ’50s in the historical centre of Naples where a small roasting plant was set up for the sale of roasted coffee to coffee bars and coffee shops. At the height of the exhilarating economic boom of the sixties, the coffee market reached a significant turning point: new packaging systems allowed the product to be sold in tins.

The founders of the company understood the importance of this innovation, which offered better preservation of the product and a wider distribution. They created the brand name – Cafè do Brasil – to supply coffee with a unique quality and taste to households and coffee bars.

Thanks to the expertise gained in the field, the company grew exponentially and is today one of the leading roasters in Europe, continually capturing new markets worldwide.

*extracted from Kimbo’s History section of their website. Visit for more information.



Sonnentor is the world’s largest organic spice & tea trader based in Austria.  Café Mondo carries the Sonnentor range of organic teas including the popular Earl Grey, Green Tea, Fruit Delights, Chamomile, Rooibos, Ginger Energy Tea and Pai Mu Tan White Tea (higher in anti-oxidants than green tea).   Very popular to our customers is the Sonnentor range of therapeutic teas; with names that many can relate to for their therapeutic benefits like Calming Your Tummy, Soothing Throat and Sweet Dreams to name a few.


SONNENTOR Kräuterhandels GmbH was founded in the Waldviertel in 1988. Starting point for the founder and CEO John Gutmann was the idea of selling organically farmed goods under the logo of the smiling sun on regional and international market. In 1992, an old farm in Sprögnitz was purchased and used as the business head quarters. It was converted to a production and distribution center and has been modernized and expanded over the years.

The SONNENTOR business idea is based on the concept of supporting small rural structures, which have a long-standing tradition in the Waldviertel district. To date, this business model has been the foundation of the ongoing success of the brand. For the continuous and consistent social and environmental commitment to regional suppliers, SONNENTOR has been recognized with the TRIGOS award in 2008.

With a 50 percent market share in the specialized organic trade (tea and spices, not including food trade), SONNENTOR is leading the market.

When SONNENTOR started out in 1988, there were three organic farmers who supplied organic herbs for the company. Today however, the Austrian SONNENTOR family has grown to over 150 farmers, who grow high quality raw materials for the organic herb and spice specialist. SONNENTOR also consistently applies their philosophy of sustainable regional development on farming projects in the Czech Republic, Romania and Albania. In 1992, SONNENTOR founded a subsidiary in the Czech Republic and a cultivation project, which started in Romania in 1999, was then supplemented by a marketing partnership in 2006. For their communicative activities in Eastern Europe, Ecoplus International recognized SONNENTOR with a New Territory Award in 2010 and SONNENTOR was also awarded with the “Dr. Erwin Pröll Future Prize” in the “Neighborhood” category.

*extracted from Sonnentor’s History section of their website .

**for online information of Sonnentor’s tea range, visit Sonnertor Website



Kapiti Ice Cream

Café Mondo was the first café in Singapore to carry almost the full range of ice cream flavours for the Kapiti brand.  Café Mondo has now morphed into Flava, and Flava continues its collaboration with Kapiti, offering up to 16 of its unique flavours.

Flava will also be carrying Kapiti’s award winning cheeses in our menu offering.  For a list of Kapiti’s winning of the “New Zealand Champions of Cheese” awards, please click this link :


Kapiti won several awards at the New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturer’s Association Annual Awards 2014.

Category: Premium Vanilla Ice Cream – Gold Award for Kapiti Vanilla Bean flavour

Category: Premium Ice Cream – Gold Award for Kapiti Black Doris Plum & Crème Fraiche flavour

Category: Premium Ice Cream – Silver Award for Kapiti Passionfruit & Lemon Curd, Lemongrass & Ginger, Nectarine & Muscovado flavours

Category: Open Creative Ice Cream – Silver Award for Kapiti Crème Fraiche flavour

Category: Open Creative Sorbet – Silver Award for Kapiti Avoberry flavour



At Kapiti, we are passionate about the pleasures and principles of good food. Whether inspired by the ingredients, our heritage, the flavours, or by the land itself, every product we make is unique – each has its own story and each is worth discovering.

We start with not only the best ingredients, but the right ingredients. The right ingredients that, when combined with the finest dairy in the world, create captivating, exciting, and engaging tastes, textures and flavours. Using all of our skill, passion & care we craft them into something truly special and uniquely New Zealand.

Since 1984, Kapiti cheese, ice-cream and desserts have become a staple in the repertoire of our best chefs, a commonplace on cheese boards, and the perfect dessert at home. The range has expanded, but the philosophy behind Kapiti and its commitment to excellence remain intact. Truly great food created to enjoy and share is, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do.

*extracted from Kapiti’s About section of their website





SHOTT is no stranger to New Zealanders, it’s a pantry staple. Especially for locals here in Wellington.

We’ve all been enjoying hot lemon & ginger toddy’s over the chilly winters and refreshing fruit spritzers over hot New Zealand summers but did you realise there are so many more ways to enjoy SHOTT?? The goodness and flavour in SHOTT comes from real ingredients v’s artificial flavour which makes SHOTT your new best friend in the kitchen and behind the bar.


SHOTT Beverages began in 2006 when the Louisson’s (with the help of close family and friends) transformed their fresh juice company Nectar Juices into one of New Zealand’s first beverage concentrate businesses. Using the same expertise and ingredients, new recipes were created then reduced down into concentrated, shelf stable syrups so more New Zealanders could enjoy these authentic drinks. From there SHOTT’s range has continued to expand into premium coffee syrups and chai concentrates to become a much desired brand with loyal supporters here in NZ and 14 countries worldwide.

Still to this day we’re making SHOTT right here in Petone, Wellington the same way with the same philosophy – shots of real flavour, from real ingredients as mother nature intended


*extracted from Shott Beverages’s website :