About Us


It began like this…

FLAVA ASIA is set up by a group of passionate and dedicated team of individuals committed to providing well prepared food and drink creations that stand out arising from experimental flavours & presentation; with warm and friendly service in a clean, cosy and trendy environment.

Good times at Flava Asia

The Managing Team of FLAVA builds it’s business principles and food concepts based on 3 Chinese characters 人,情 and 味. Individually each character signifies key components in the Service, Food & Beverage Industry. 人 ‘Ren’ means people, staff, customers and suppliers; 情 ‘Qing’ means feelings, relationships and passion; while 味 ‘Wei’ means flavour and taste. These 3 components are interlinked and hold equal importance to the success of any business, not least for the service industry.


The Three Compontents

In FLAVA ASIA, we are putting together these 3 key components to find the most elusive flavour of all; 人情味, ‘The Human Flavour’ that transfers the passion in food preparation to the feeling of the customer when the food is served, the visual experience of the presentation and resulting in bringing to the human palatte the best experience possible from a meal.


Vincent Kwek, Corporate Executive Chef

Flava Contemporary Asian Bistro & Grill


The focus is on Asian inspired street and comfort food with a touch of class

FLAVA Contemporary Asian Bistro & Grill is an evolution of its popular previous Café Mondo at Orchard Central. At this new premise in Siglap at the east of Singapore, Corporate Executive Chef Vincent intends to take diners on a culinary journey around Asia with his interpretations of popular dishes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Chef Vincent also uses strong Asian spices and flavours to enhance classic European and American favorites. Also in the menu, you will also see traces of his Peranakan background. Similar to the previous Café Mondo , FLAVA ( Siglap ) will be Halal certified as it aims to serve to a larger audience.

Asian Grill & Tapas Bar

Jakarta, Indonesia

Asian, Japanese and Korean inspired tapas bar. Specialised in Kushiyaki Grill and skewered food. Japanese Sakae & Shiochu Bar. Coming Soon at Jakarta Outlet